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dji wookong-h lite autopilot stabilzation system for helicopters

dji wookong-h lite autopilot stabilzation system for helicopters

dji wookong-h lite autopilot stabilzation system for helicopters

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    dji wookong-h lite autopilot stabilzation system for helicopters
    wookong-h:designed for all heli platformers
    - dji’ first stabilization system built for scale/hobby helicopter enthusiasts, which works on all kinds of scale/hobby helicopters: aircraft with bi-blade or tri-blade, with or without flybar, with all kinds of swash-plates and rotor heads, electronic or gasoline or turbine helicopter engines. all types of scale or hobby helicopters can be installed with wookong quickly and easily.
    compact size light weight
    - wookong-h components weight around 140g all together, which can be almost ignored from the payload. the size of the main controller is 51mm x 35mm x 15mm, imu module is 41mm x 31mm x 28mm, and the gps module has a diameter of 50mm and a height of 9mm, led module is 25mm x 25mm x 7mm. the whole wookong-h package is smaller than a standard package cigarettes box. wookong-h even also can be installed on 450 size of helicopter.
    easy installation:
    - the installation of wookong-h is much similar to ace one. the innovative build-in damping system allow the helicopter be installed without additional frames and dampers. the system helps customer to minimize size, reduce weight and simplify installation that can be applied on different helicopter models. customers also have more options for physical installation.
    multiple flight control mode
    - wookong-h offers three types of control modes: gps atti. mode, atti. mode, manual mode (excluding gps cruise mode of ace one). customers can switch among the three modes to adjust different flight environment even in the specially weak gps environment as: building clearance, valley clearance, bridge bottom or mountain cave. wookong-h also can adjust automatically in the flight environment. for example when aircraft comes through the bridge bottom with gps intermittence, wookong-h system switch between gps mode and atti. mode automatically to make sure the safety and security of flight.
    gps atti. mode for wkh
    - in gps atti. mode, it is not only can keep aircraft attitude stable and also lock the aircraft position accurately.gps atti. mode has the same performance with gps atti. mode. stick center position for 0? attitude, its endpoint for 45?which is a fixed limit. gps atti. mode can be used in promptly and big flight movement. it will bring to you a new and excellent flight experience.
    manual mode:
    - atti. mode is suitable for no gps signal or weak gps signal environment. wookong-h can control attitude stabilization and lock flight altitude accurate; stick center position for 0? attitude, its endpoint for 45?which is a fixed limit. atti. mode also can be used in promptly and big flight movement.
    accurate position/atitude hold
    - accurate position & altitude hold for wkh
    - autopilot system offers longitude & latitude locking and highly accurate hovering. even in the windy environment, aircraft can hover in small scale area. accuracy: horizontal≤2 meters. altitude≤1 meters.
    high accuracy/driving handfeel for wkh
    - with the help of wookong-h, controlling aircraft feeling like driving a car as simple and intuitive strong control of the flight itself has become an easy and precise operation; the pilot can focus more attention in other work, such as controlling the camera angle, without tension in the driving.
    semi-auto take-off/landing for wkh
    - in【gps atti. mode】or【atti. mode】, requiring only pushing the throttle (collective pitch) stick gently to take-off helicopter, wookong-h autopilot system will be in charge of the cyclic pitch/roll stabilization.
    enhanced failsafe
    - enhanced failsafe is the feature to ensure that the helicopter will hover automatically when it loss the rc signal. this feature will protect your expensive payloads and equipments very well.
    build-in tail gyro/flybarless support for wkh
    - the tail gyro and fbl have become standard features of wookong-h. no more extra work installing additional tail gyros and fbl electronic parts. the helicopter’s electronic system has been greatly simplified. therefore different electrical parts can be connected much more easily. one central piece calculates all of the flying configurations.
    build-in engine govenor for wkh
    - the engine speed lock and governor are also standard features for wookong-h. the built-in engine governor simplifies the parameter settings, and increases the compatibility of the system. all you need is to connect an extra standard sensor to use.
    data import & export for wkh
    - all the setting data can be saved as files that export from ace one system . or importing the file to current main controller to avoid reboot calibration.
    core firmware online upgrade for wkh
    - the professional dji r&d team continuously provides the latest control algorithm and features/modules. you don’t have to mail the unit back or find service centre to upgrade anymore. all the upgrades can be done online. all you have to do is clicks.
    note:wk-h lite is the same as complete wk-h, but it does not include the gps module so there is no gps position hold mode with wk-h lite

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